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Baby’s First Birthday: How to Plan an Unforgettable Party For Your One-Year-Old

Although it wasn’t until the 19th century that children’s birthdays were first widely celebrated, parents are now expected to host some kind of event each year to celebrate the birth of their children. Of course, your baby’s first birthday is going to be a particularly special one. Although your child may not remember the details of their early years, many parents say that they still treasure the memories of their little one’s first birthday party — even when their child is all grown up!

Therefore, it’s important to make this first birthday party stand out. But how can you make sure this celebration is a true success? Whether you decide to keep things small or stream the event for friends and family who aren’t able to make it in person, let’s look at a few of our favorite tips that will get everyone excited to commemorate this occasion.

Choose a Theme

Every party needs an outstanding theme — and your little one’s first birthday party is no exception. Your theme will determine a lot of the other decisions you’ll make during the planning phase, from the invitations and the decorations to the food and the music. Your theme can also inform what your baby (or even your entire family) will wear on the big day, particularly if you order some special t shirts for birthday parties. You can center your theme around a concept like teddy bears or baby animals or go for an instantly recognizable TV or movie character party. Alternatively, you can choose the monochromatic route to highlight a certain color or decide on something nature-inspired like the moon and stars.

The theme is really up to you, but you should do yourself a favor and make sure it’s something that’s relatively easy to execute. After all, you won’t want to spend hundreds of hours sourcing decorations in a niche category or dedicate yourself to cooking elaborate dishes. As a new parent, you have to make sure this is something you can conceivably take on. For a first birthday, it’s often better to keep things on the simple side.

Stick To a Small Guest List

It’s only natural that you’d want to share your joy with all of your friends and family. But keep in mind that having too many people around can be a bit distressing to small children. If your guest list is long, you’ll have to buy more of everything. And if your baby becomes fussy, attending to lots of guests will often just be a source of stress. As your child gets older, large birthday parties may be more feasible. But for the first birthday, it’s worth considering whether everyone in your phone contacts really needs an invite.

That’s especially true in the midst of a pandemic. Large gatherings, particularly those that take place indoors, come with an inherent amount of risk. By keeping the guest list limited to immediate family and a few close friends, you’ll have a better chance of keeping everyone safe. And if you want to keep the party to only members of your household and stream the party for other invitees online, that can be a great way to celebrate, too.

Get a Couple of Cakes

Of course, having a birthday cake is traditional. But many parents opt to have two cakes for their baby’s first. “Smash cakes” are intended to be served to the guest of honor; the idea is that the baby can dig in with their hands in a messy-yet-adorable way. The other cake will be reserved for other guests. Smash cakes make a great photo op and can be a real source of entertainment for everyone in attendance. While you can certainly make your own, there are likely a number of bakeries in your area that specialize in these unique cakes — and they can often decorate it based on your theme.

Order Custom Birthday Tees

Cake is an excellent way to celebrate, but so are custom birthday party shirts! Whether you want to dress your baby up in a themed onesie or you’d love for every member of the family to participate in the celebrations, t shirts for birthday parties are an easy and fun way to mark this important occasion. Custom order birthday shirts can be made to your specifications, with your choice of well-known characters, text, and sizes. Not only do t shirts for birthday parties look amazing in photos, but they’ll also make getting ready for the party much easier. Since you won’t have to stress about figuring out what to wear, you can concentrate on other vital aspects of the day. Best of all, these t shirts for birthday parties will allow you to make incredible memories with your nearest and dearest.

Now that you know what goes into planning an unforgettable first birthday party, it’s time to get started on figuring out all the details. For more information on our customized t shirts for birthday parties, please contact Cuztom Threadz today.