Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular. Proud parents choose to share the gender of their unborn babies by inviting loved ones to a group to reveal the gender. Increasingly, the themes and methods of the reveals are becoming more creative.

But since gender reveal parties are a relatively recent phenomenon, many people are confused about the rules – Do you bring gifts to a gender reveal party? And if so, what are some of the best gender-reveal gift ideas?

When It comes to baby reveal party gifts, things can seem a bit confusing – And if you’re unsure, then you’re in the right place. To answer the central question of “Do you take gifts to a gender reveal?” the short answer is, yes, you do. That, however, is only the beginning! So let’s find out more about gifts for a gender reveal party.

Who Should You Bring a Gift For?

So we know that gifts are acceptable and welcome at a gender reveal party – But who should you buy for? The mom? The dad? The baby? Well, one, both, or all three are acceptable. The next question, of course, is what to buy for them. Let’s find out.

Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas for Mom-To-Be

There are no rules that say the gifts are only for babies. So let’s look at some great gift ideas for the mom-to-be.

  • Maternity Clothes

It is a great idea to give funny mom t-shirts to a mom-to-be as a gift. It is a thoughtful gift that your friend will appreciate. It will ensure that she is comfortable throughout her pregnancy. She’ll also think of you every time she wears the item!

You should know her size before you purchase the gift, as buying clothes for others can be challenging. Gift receipts are helpful if you are concerned that the items may not fit.

  • Pregnancy pillow

Pregnant women will tell you that their belly is the biggest obstacle to getting comfortable sleep. But, before and after the baby is born, pregnancy pillows can help mommy get proper sleep!

  • Spa Gift Box

The next gift on our list is one of our favorites. A Bump Box is a great Gender Reveal Gift idea because it is packed with luxury treats for the Mama-to-be. With a gorgeous Belly Butter, Bath Soak, and Face Mask included in the box, any mama-to-be would be pampered.

  • Pregnancy Planner/Journal
pregnancy planner

A pregnancy planner or journal is one of the most thoughtful gender reveal gifts possible. Parents go through so much, expressing your feelings and diarizing the important baby milestones makes it much easier.

Gender Reveal Party Gift Ideas for Dad-To-Be

Remember dad! Most of the time, dads are the easiest to buy for, so let’s look at some options.

  • T-shirt and onesie set for father and child

Cuteness overload! Put a smile on dad’s face by selecting a gender-neutral t-shirt and onesie matching set for father and baby.

  • Backpack Diaper Bag

Dads do diapers too, and what better way to make the process a bit easier than to give dad a rugged and outdoorsy backpack diaper bag? This way, dad can be ready for any changes no matter where he goes and maintain his rugged charm while doing so!

Gender Reveal Gift Ideas for Couples

If you need help deciding who to buy for between mom and dad, why not just buy something for both of them? Let’s take a look at some awesome couples’ gift ideas.

  • Couples Massage
couple massage

If there’s one thing all parents agree on, it’s that being a parent is hard on the body. So a couples massage voucher is the perfect gift for mom and dad and will be of excellent use.

Make sure that the expiry period is lengthy – Remember that mom and dad are about to become busier than they ever have been and might need a couple of months to find the spare time to go.

  • Baby Book

Baby books are scrapbooks or journals that parents keep. They can be used as a live memento of milestones and memorable moments and can also be used as a diary where mom and dad can express their emotions. A baby book is an excellent gift for both mom and dad, and it’s often something parents don’t buy for themselves.

Gift Ideas for Baby’s Gender Reveal Party

Let’s remember the star of the show – The baby!

  • Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Since the baby will be walking, talking, and crawling in the blink of an eye within a few days, cherishing the baby’s milestones can preserve their memories for a lifetime. In addition, parents can track their child’s progress with a milestone blanket.

These blankets are made for growing babies, so all parents need to do is take a picture with them. It’s a thoughtful and sweet gift that any parent would love!

  • Gift Boxes for a baby

Baby gift boxes are great because you can add or leave out whatever you choose. Think of them as a hamper for babies and parents in a way. You can add practical items like nappies and creams or keep it fun with toys and other fun gifts. Most of the time, a good combination of fun and help will be most appreciated by the parents and, of course, the baby!

In closing, gender reveals party gifts are not only the norm, but the parents warmly receive them. And if you need to decide whether to get a gift and what gift to get, you have a better idea now!