With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us at home and limiting the number of people we can safely interact with, it can feel impossible to celebrate your child’s birthday in a way that’s still fun and exciting. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways you can keep the party going with your kids even with social distancing in the mix. Here are five ways you can bring your child’s birthday celebrations up a notch without being put out by the pandemic.

Create a special birthday menu

Your child might not be able to have a birthday bash like they did the year before, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy some of the special foods they would otherwise be enjoying. Consider making a special birthday menu for your kids and have them pick out what they want to eat for their birthday. This works for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks! Because your child is picking out their favorite meals, each bite will feel exciting and special.

Do an at-home scavenger hunt with gifts

Your kids might not receive their birthday gifts from family and friends on time because of shipping delays. And even when they do arrive on time, it can feel less special to open up a shipping box than it is to open a wrapped gift. To give your child’s gift-opening experience that much more fun and special, consider creating a scavenger hunt with their wrapped presents. Kids love hunting for things (and it’ll help tire them out faster). Just be sure to be mindful of washing your hands after receiving and touching packages.

Make a birthday fort

It’s a little cold to camp out in your backyard, but it’s never too chilly to camp out in your living room. Make a birthday fort with pillows, blankets, and chairs. Hang up birthday decorations both inside and out and twinkle lights to create a truly magical experience. Kids love forts because they make for a creative, fun hide-out that has a safe and cozy feeling. Adding an additional birthday theme to their fort can make the experience extra-special. Consider setting up a Netflix party (listed below) and enjoying some of your child’s favorite snacks.

Set up a Netflix Party

Up to 90.9% of survey participants said they prefer to celebrate their birthday with their friends. A Netflix Party is a great way for your kids to watch their favorite movie together with their friends on their birthday. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome browser extension that Netflix offers. It allows you to watch shows and movies at the same time as friends with a neat chat feature set up along the screen so you can talk to each other during the movie. To get started with a Netflix Party, you’ll need to set up Netflix Party on your Google Chrome browser. Once you have the extension downloaded, you can pick a movie and send a link to the movie to others to invite them to watch the movie with you and your child.

Dress the part

One of the best ways you can make your kids feel special on their birthday is by dressing them up in a custom birthday tee just for them. Even if there won’t be any guests at your child’s party or you’re keeping the party small with just immediate family, a custom birthday tee can make your child feel like they’re the star of the show. Custom birthday tees can also help your child stand out when they’re on a video call with friends and family or at school if they’re participating in socially distance learning.

Where can I find birthday tees?

Custom order birthday shirts are a great way to help your kids feel extra special on their special day. Whether you need a custom birthday party shirt for your little one or you’re looking for custom birthday tees for everyone to wear at your child’s virtual or socially distanced party, Cuztom Threadz has the custom order birthday shirts for you. We’ve got tons of options so you can find what you’re looking for from our wide variety of colors and styles. To learn more about our custom birthday tees and including Spider-Man birthday party shirts and Fortnite birthday party shirts, contact Cuztom Threads today.