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Funny Halloween T-shirts

Halloween T-shirts are the ideal way to show the holiday spirit. You can pick funny designs to share laughs with others or cool writing and designs to be a party leader. Cuztom Threadz has Halloween tees for children that you’ll also love.

Choose from our custom Halloween shirts or add your own personalized touch with our custom design option.  Don’t forget to check out our holiday and graphic T-shirts for more fun and festive options.


What kind of Halloween gifts can I get?

Many presents are inspired by Halloween, ranging from earrings and jewelry to lip balms and candles. If you want a creative gift, you can’t go wrong with funny Halloween T-shirts. At Cuztom Threadz, we have models for all ages and sizes

What kinds of  Halloween shirts are there?

  • Cute Halloween shirts. Our infant single-pieces have cute designs, and you can pick matching tees for the entire family.
  • Vintage Halloween shirts. Many Halloween tees feature vintage designs inspired by ghostbusters and the classic motives of this holiday.
  • Adult Halloween shirts. The unique, cheeky writing on tees is the ideal way to spice up the party you are visiting.
  • Women’s Halloween T-shirts. Females will also enjoy our designers’ creativity and the comfort of top-quality materials.
  • Kids Halloween T-shirts. Infants could try tees like “I put a spell on you,” and there are trendy sayings like “I am the fourth Sanderson sister.” 
  • Funny Halloween T-shirts. This holiday is the ideal chance to have fun, so cheeky writing is the way to go.

Which T-shirt is best for Halloween?

A spooky, creative, or funny design is ideal for this holiday. You can find single-colored cool Halloween T-shirts with unique patterns on the front.

What are some funny things to put on Halloween T-shirts? 

The classics like “I am a vampire hunter” or “The Fourth Sanderson Sister” could work for teens. An adult could go for funny writing like “I am here for the boos” with a ghost holding a beer. You can find similar designs in our store.

What are the most popular funny Halloween T-shirts on Cuztom Threadz?

For children, many parents get “zombie slayer,” “vampire hunters,” and similar tees. As for the adults, trendy writing is “Hocus Pocus, I need wine to focus,” as well as “This is my costume, it’s scary how broke I am.