The use of group and themed shirts has been embraced widely for some time for leisure and business occasions. For instance, in 1939, the first advertising t-shirt was made for “The Wizard of Oz.” If you plan to travel with your family, there is no better way of getting them to bond than by having everyone wear matching shirts like customized graphic t-shirts. If you are not sure what kind of family vacation t-shirt designs would be perfect for your trip, then check out this list of cool suggestions that will leave you itching to pack up and go on a new adventure.

Why Make Custom Family Vacation Shirts?

Families that wear matching custom family vacation shirts tend to have more fun during their trip. Since everyone’s wearing the same outfit, it’s easier to spot any family member when they’re in the middle of a crowd. 
Furthermore, it establishes unity and nurtures a sense of belonging. And who wouldn’t want their family to stand out while enjoying the best time of their lives? 

T-Shirt Theme Ideas for a Fun Family Vacation 

Getting everyone to wear the same outfit or a matching one is not simple. The theme should be unique, and everyone should be on board with the idea. 
Here are some t-shirt ideas that your family can wear on your next family vacation. 

  • Disney Matching Family T-shirts 
  • Universal Family T-Shirts (or any other theme park)
  • Hogwarts Family Vacation Shirts
  • Favorite Family in Movie T-shirts (ex: the Incredibles)
  • Favorite Anime Family T-shirts (ex: Goku’s family) 
  • Favorite TV Show Family T-shirts (ex: Addam’s family)
  • Favorite Cartoon Family (ex: the Flinstones)
t shirt ideas for family vacation

7 T-Shirt Designs for The Perfect Family Vacation

A family vacation isn’t complete without a group photo where every family member sports their matching t-shirts. Wearing fun and a creative t-shirt is one of the best ways to make the family vacation memorable and fun for everyone.  The best thing about custom family vacation shirts is that you can easily buy them from merchants who can personalize the design for every family member.

1. Color Coordinate

If you will be going on vacation with a large group of family members, you could all color-coordinate together. This could either mean everyone wearing the same color as if the family is a team, or each family member wearing a different color. If you go with the latter, be sure to choose funny family vacation shirts that look like they go together despite the difference in color; this way, everyone can still feel part of the group.

2. Go With a Theme

If you’re all going to be spending your time somewhere exotic or very special, why not bring shirts that reflect what’s around you? For example, go to an island and give everyone a tropical shirt. Or maybe it’s your first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, so you give everybody fish shirts. This could be fun for families visiting relatives, too. For example, if you’re staying at someone’s house on a farm, everyone could wear plaid shirts that look like flannels.

3. Match With Animals

Maybe the family is going on an African safari. This shirt idea works for them. Find out what color represents each family member. Maybe one of them is known for loving dogs, so they can get the dog shirt.

4. Look Like Characters From Your Favorite TV Show

If you and your family all watch the same show, why not go as its characters and get your favorite TV show shirts? The next time you’re traveling to a particular country, dress up as characters from it. For example, if you take a trip to Japan, give everyone a kimono that matches their personality. If you all enjoy watching cartoons together, choose one and match the colors of the characters from it.

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5. Use Your Family’s Favorite Colors

This shirt idea works well for children who won’t want to wear clothes that clash with each other or make them feel left out. Everyone in the family might have different favorite colors, but you can still make it work by using particular designs. For example, maybe your family’s favorite colors are blue and purple—create a design that features both, like rainforest birds. Or, if they’re orange and red, use fire as your pattern image.

6. Find a Shirt With Your Last Name on It

This is a typical funny t-shirt idea that works best with family members who have an uncommon last name in order to make it stand out. If you will be traveling out of the country, it could be fun to design the family vacation shirts with your last name written in a different writing system. You’ll have the shirts to keep as souvenirs and reminders of the country you visited.

7. Create Milestone Shirts

Finally, depending on why you are going on vacation with your family, you could commemorate the occasion with the shirts you design. For example, if it is someone’s birthday, all of the shirts can have their birthdate printed on them. This is a great way to not only enhance the vacation itself but also make the occasion feel more special.

By customizing funny t-shirts, there are many different types of family shirts one can create to show their family love. You can be creative with whatever shirts you choose and make your shirts unique to the personality of your family. This is something that everyone can appreciate. Customized t-shirts are currently a favorite of many people, including toddlers, young adults, parents, and grandparents. And you will be amazed to find that individuals get similar shirts for their pets too.