Some things about Super Bowl LV feel the same like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes hitting the field again while others are definitely different. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us away from our friends and extended family, it can be disappointing knowing that you can’t celebrate the Super Bowl like you usually do. But just because you can’t watch the game like usual doesn’t mean you can’t watch with gusto. Here are eight awesome tips you can use to throw a superb Super Bowl party while staying safe.

1. Dip the day away

Nothing says Super Bowl party quite like some serious taco dip. While you can certainly get dip from the store, try your hand at making layered taco dip yourself. Your DIY dip will give you a sense of pride every time you take a bite.

2. Go all out with food

Chips and dips should never be the only food you have at a Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl only happens once a year and typical take-out food just won’t cut it. Let yourself go a little ham ordering pizza, wings, potato skins, and more. You can always save leftovers for later in the week.

3. Let your freak flag fly

Bells and whistles may be great to use at the stadium, but in your living room, they can distract you from the game. For another fun option, opt for flags and streamers in your sports’ team colors so you and your kids can wave and throw them during the plays. Pom poms in your sports team’s colors are also noise-friendly options for the game. Just make sure everyone has a good view of the game while you’re cheering.

4. Paint your face

Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from going all out celebrating your favorite team. If you know you would be dressing up and going wild at a typical Super Bowl party, let yourself have some fun right at home. Put on your favorite jersey or custom t-shirt, apply some primer so your face paint will come off at the end of the day, and then paint your face half red and half yellow for the Chiefs or red and white for the Buccaneers.

5. Rate the commercials

Everyone loves Super Bowl commercials. After all, marketing teams from companies across the country put a ton of their budget into these commercials. They’ve got to be good. To make your stay-at-home Super Bowl party a little more fun even when the game itself isn’t on, get some dry-erase boards and markers and have everyone rate each Super Bowl commercial that comes on. The commercial with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins Best Commercial.

6. Create a commercial bingo game

Another great way you can have a lot of fun with the commercials during the Super Bowl is by creating a Super Bowl bingo board. Use different companies as the spaces or even different company mascots. Consider making a prize for whoever wins the game like a chocolate football or a custom t-shirt.

7. Bake some football cookies

Super Bowl parties are typically big on the savory snacks, but don’t forget to indulge your sweet tooth a little while you enjoy the game, too. Try your hand at making some football-shaped cookies. If you’re better at decorating than baking, you can also try your hand at making a green cake in the shape of a football stadium.

8. Go all out with custom t-shirts

Jerseys might be expensive, but custom t-shirts supporting your team can be the affordable option you need to cheer on the Buccaneers or Chiefs in style. Cuztom Threadz offers a wide range of custom t-shirts for kids, adults, and even grandparents so the whole family can enjoy the fun from the safety of the living room. Whether you’re watching with family over streaming services or texting one another to give updates on the game, custom shirts are a great way to make everyone feel a little bit closer to one another even when we’re apart.

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