The dog days of summer are officially here, and while you may be tempted to stay indoors to cool off in the air conditioning during these hot and humid days, now is the best time to get your summer entertaining on. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party or you’re looking to soak up the rays with your friends, there are plenty of ways you can celebrate the season. While a typical pool party is great, having a themed party is even better. But, finding the ideal summer party themes for adults can be tricky.

Luckily, we’re here to help. We have scoured high and low and have chatted to some of the leading party planners in the biz to come up with some of the most exciting summer adult party themes out there.

So, read on for some of the most inspiring summer party ideas you’ll find this season!

1. Bust Out the Slip n’ Slide

Just because kids have off for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being childish yourself. Slip n’ Slides are tons of fun and they’re a great way to help you and your friends stay cool in the summer sun. You can either buy your own or DIY a Slip n’ Slide using a tarp, soap, and water.

If a basic Slip n’ Slide isn’t enough, take your party up a notch with Slip n’ Slide kickball. Use kiddie pools for the bases and attach each base with a tarp. This silly take on a classic game will not only be a blast but it’ll also help keep your friends from getting too competitive.

summer party themes for adults

2. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is definitely a summer favorite. Even if you’ve never been to a summer camp, chances are you’re familiar with this game. Each team has a different color flag, which they hide on opposite sides of a given area or yard. Team members of the opposing team can be “captured” if they make their way into the opposite team’s territory in an attempt to capture their flag.

To make this game even more fun, consider adding water balloons into the mix. Add body-safe fabric dye or paint to the water balloons for team members to throw at the “enemy.” You’ll have such a blast decorating your team shirts, you won’t even be mad when you’re “captured.”

3. Set Up an Outdoor Movie Night

One of the best things about the summer season is that you don’t need to worry about getting too cold once the sun goes down. In fact, you can even keep your party going well into the night. As long as you have bug spray, consider throwing an outdoor movie night. You can either invest in an inflatable movie screen that allows you to project your movies outdoors or set up a sheet between two-yard poles in your backyard. You can either relax on comfy seating while enjoying some pizza with your friends or, depending on how high the temperatures are, relax in a kiddie pool while you watch the movie.

4. Have Fun With Some Sand

Beach parties are great, but only if you’re able to make it to the beach. If you’re nowhere near the coastline? No worries! Set up a tarp right in your own backyard and pour out some sand for you and your friends to play and relax in right at home. Make sandcastles, sand angels, and more. Blow up a kiddie pool to relax in for a truly beachy experience. You can even re-use the sand later to create a firebreak for a backyard bonfire if that’s something you’d like to do.

5. Go Ham With Tye-Dye

Tye-dye is becoming big again, and what’s a better way to stay on trend than by having a blast with your friends tye-dying your own custom t-shirts? Cuztom Threadz offers a wide array of t-shirts for birthday parties, and more so you can make your tye-dye party truly remarkable. Rather than tye-dying a standard white t-shirt, you can tye-dye tees with your favorite pop culture references, bands, and more.

Up to 91% of Americans say they have a favorite shirt, and oftentimes that shirt has its own fair share of memories. At Cuztom Threadz, we can help you create those great summer memories with our own custom t-shirts. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, a family reunion, a win for your sports team, or just throwing a fun party, we have t-shirts for every occasion. For more information about our shirts and apparel, contact Cuztom Threadz today.

6. Marvelous Marvel

If you’re looking for adult summer party themes that tie in perfectly with a birthday party for one of the men in your life, be it a brother, best friend, or boyfriend, a Marvel-themed party is a must. Not only does it offer the ideal opportunity for guests to dress up as their favorite hero or villain, but those that aren’t big on all-out costumes can wear a classic Marvel-themed shirt and get away with it!

Further, you can narrow it down to just one character like Deadpool or include them all. Since Marvel characters are loved globally, finding party supplies like the perfect invitations and party decorations should be quick and easy. All that’s left is planning a marvel-ous menu!

7. Host a Cosmic Event

When looking for ideas for evening summer theme parties for adults, going interstellar is always an option. In addition to having an array of options for the perfect themed event, you already have the ideal backdrop of a star-spangled sky. So whether you choose to opt for a Star Wars vibe or go for an astronaut approach with Nasa-themed tees, there are various ways to build on this cosmically cool party. Send out planet-shaped party invitations, serve green vodka-infused jello shots as “alien goo,” and a few intergalactic props for an Insta-worthy photo area.

8. Get Coco-Loco

If it’s beach parties you’re after, then what better party idea than a luau party? Pina Coladas, palm tree cutouts, bites of barbeque served in coconut shells; the options are endless. You could even offer guests fresh fruit skewers to roast on a bonfire as an interactive snack you could even top it off with ice cream. And if you’re looking for great party games, why not host a lei-making competition or hold a hula contest.

summer themed parties for adults

9. A Picnic with a Twist

Those looking to plan unforgettable summer-themed parties for adults may want to consider a garden party. In addition to offering a unique setting, it allows for various themes, from a sophisticated wine tasting to a sleepover summer camp in tents or even a planting party with humorous plant-themed t-shirts for each guest.

Sitting outdoors in the sunshine, surrounded by a colorful garden as a backdrop, makes it simple to pull together summer party themes. Vibrant tableware and napkins, potted succulents on the table, and tea-style sandwiches and cakes are fun and easy to prepare as is a picnic-style wine tasting or roasting hot dogs around a campfire.

10. Battle of the Bands

When thinking of summer theme party ideas for adults, music springs to mind and makes a fun choice. Opting for a fun setup like a silent disco is always great and is perfect for those with noise-intolerant neighbors. A music theme also provides several fun ideas for party games.

For instance, each guest could be given a musical band shirt to wear backward, then all they need to do is ask other guests questions to try and figure out what band is on their tee. Don’t forget; there is an excellent opportunity here for disco balls, vintage-style dance floors, and smoke machines.

11. Christmas in July

If you want more festive summer party ideas for adults, try Christmas in July. Although it’s too hot for ugly Christmas sweaters, a Christmas t-shirt version will do. Set a Christmas table by the poolside, barbeque turkey legs, and have eggnog ice cream to end things off. Try a summer “Secret Santa” and surprise your friends or family with quirky gifts to start the fun. You could even decorate a summer-themed tree.

12. Silver Screen Summer

The last of our summer adult party ideas is an old theme with a new twist. Bringing the silver screen to life adds a touch of nostalgia mixed with pop culture and makes it easy for guests to dress up as their favorite TV show or movie character. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, or Game of Thrones, there is something for everyone.

Set up a projector outdoors and a few picnic blankets and baskets and enjoy dinner and a movie under the stars. Set up a table with popcorn machines, soda pop, and candy for an authentic movie feel. Whether you host this party in your garden, at the beach, or start it off as a pool party, it is one of the more accommodating theme party ideas.

Whether it is pool parties, beach bonfires, or garden get-togethers, there are so many exciting summer party themes for adults you may need to try out more than a few. By picking a popular theme and putting a twist on it, it becomes simple to find decor and set it up without hassle while offering an exciting new take your friends will never forget.