Charity events are a great way to have fun and help out the community at the same time. They’re an all-day-long event where people can participate in games, try delicious food, and cheer on competitors. It’s time for having fun, and it’s also money well-spent since both the profits and donations go into improving the community.

Here is everything you’ll need to do to host the best charity event. Organizing the main event, finding volunteers and sponsors, and even making custom team shirts will all go a long way towards seeing your event be a success.

Decide on the Main Event

The main event of a charity day is what will draw in the crowds. This could be a performance or a sports game. The performers or sports teams could either volunteer their time, or they could charge for tickets, the profit of which would be donated to the event’s charity.

A popular choice is a race, with custom team shirts worn by the runners. Participants can raise money ahead of the race and attempt to win in honor of the people who donated. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure it’s exciting and something people will want to watch or participate in.

Hire Vendors and Find Sponsors for your Charity Event

An event without food is no event at all. Take care of your guests by offering a wide selection of high-quality foods. You’ll need to reach out to several food service businesses in your community to see if they would like to participate.

Some vendors may choose to offer up their time and resources for free or have customers pay for their meals but then donate the profits. Others might want to become sponsors, donating a lump sum in addition to volunteering their services. Be open to these varied responses. And don’t forget about dessert!

Get Volunteers Involved in Planning a Charity Event

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No event can run without people behind the scenes making it happen. You won’t be able to take care of every detail on the big day, so enlist the help of volunteers. You can put out a mass call for volunteers by creating a shareable Facebook post or putting up flyers around the community.

Make sure you articulate when and where you’ll need the volunteers to show up, and also specify the different types of duties. Think about things like set-up, clean-up, donation collection, and a tent for help or information. You could even consider having custom t-shirts made so your volunteers stand out.

Get the Authorities Involved in Charity Events

It’s important to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Safety should always be the number one priority. Let your local police department know about the event ahead of time. Give them as much detail as possible about it, including when it will start and end and how many people you expect to show up. If you anticipate this being a large event, it’s worth having a police presence.

Large crowds can be unpredictable, and the police can help mitigate issues. They can also help with innocent tasks like traffic control. Their presence will be appreciated by the community, and don’t be surprised if they decide to sponsor the event or make a donation on behalf of the department.

Have First Aid On-Site

In addition to having a police presence at your site, it’s essential to have first aid available and ready. Dedicate a tent to the first-aid station. Have an excess of supplies ready. If the event will garner a lot of people, then you should contact your local volunteer ambulance to have EMS on standby. Paramedics manning your first-aid tent is a must. When there are a lot of people, and especially when there is something like a race going on, it’s very likely that people will get hurt or develop other health issues. You can expect dehydration and sprained ankles. Additionally, have a plan for what to do in the case of lost children.

Offer Merchandise

If you are taking the time to plan a charity event, your guests will want to remember it. Commemorative custom team shirts are a great way to keep spreading the word long after the event is over. If the event is successful, it could become an annual thing, with a different custom shirt offered each year. Custom team shirts are also a great way to create bonds among donation teams who might be raising money in honor of a specific person. Don’t miss out on this clever and fun feature.

This is everything you’ll need to remember as you plan for your charity events. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the point is to do good and have fun. Finding volunteers and sponsors, making custom team shirts, and reaching out to the proper authorities will all help you do this. Your event is sure to be a success!