Ever glanced at someone on the street and thought, “Wow, where did they get that incredible graphic tee?”

Graphic tees have evolved from mere casual wear to a canvas of self-expression, a blend of art and fashion. Whether it’s a vintage band logo, a quirky quote, or a contemporary design, these tees have a language of their own.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your wardrobe and make a statement, dive into our guide. 

Graphic tees are like the t-shirts that have been to a rock concert, got the band’s autograph, and now wear it with pride. They’re not just any tee; they’re a statement. And just like you would only wear your favorite band tee to a formal dinner with some styling, you need to know how to style graphic tees to make them fit any occasion.

how to style graphic tees

Layering With Different Colors And Textures

Layering your graphic tee with different colors and textures is like giving it a backup band to shine even brighter. A denim jacket or a flannel shirt can be your tee’s best friend, adding depth and dimension to your look. 

And if you’re feeling chilly, why not throw on a cozy cardigan? It’s like wrapping your favorite tee in a warm hug. Remember, it’s all about letting your tee be the star while the layers play the supporting roles.

Choosing The Right Fit and Size

You wouldn’t wear a T-shirt three sizes too big, would you? Well, the same goes for graphic tees. Understanding how to style a graphic tee by choosing the right fit and size is essential. 

Your tee should fit like it was made just for you, not like you borrowed it from your older sibling. It should hug your body in all the right places, giving you enough room to move but not so much that it looks baggy. Think of it as finding the perfect dance partner – it should move with you, not against you.

Understanding Color Coordination

Color coordination with graphic tees is like matching your socks with your shoes – it’s a subtle detail that can make or break your outfit. When thinking about graphic tee outfits, consider the dominant colors in your tee’s design. If your tee is loud and colorful, pair it with neutral bottoms. 

On the other hand, if your tee is more on the subtle side, feel free to play with colorful pants or skirts. Remember, it’s all about balance. You wouldn’t wear a neon green hat with a neon pink shirt, would you? Well, unless you’re going for that “I just walked out of an 80s music video” look.

Outfit Ideas For Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are the ultimate canvas for self-expression, blending comfort with style. But how do you elevate this wardrobe staple to new fashion heights? Discover outfit ideas for funny tees that will turn your favorite statement shirt into a head-turning ensemble.

Casual Everyday Look

You know those days when you just want to throw on a tee and jeans and call it a day? Well, with the right graphic tee, you can do just that and still look stylish. Pair your tee with some comfy jeans, slip-on sneakers, and maybe a baseball cap if you’re feeling sporty. It’s a look that says, “I’m relaxed, but I still have style.”

Edgy Street Style

Want to make a statement as bold as the design on your tee? Go for an edgy street-style look. Pair your graphic tee with ripped jeans, combat boots, and maybe even a leather jacket. It’s a look that screams confidence and says, “I’m not afraid to stand out.”

Vintage Retro Chic

Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane with a vintage retro chic look. Pair your graphic tee with high-waisted jeans, chunky sneakers, and maybe even some retro sunglasses. It’s a look that pays homage to the past while still being trendy.

Bohemian Vibes

If you’re all about peace, love, and good vibes, then the bohemian look is for you. Pair your graphic tee with a flowy skirt, some gladiator sandals, and maybe even a flower crown. It’s a look that’s as free-spirited as you are.

how to style a graphic tee


Who says you can’t wear a graphic tee to a more formal event? With the right styling, you can make it work. Pair your tee with some tailored pants, a blazer, and some classy shoes. It’s a look that says, “I’m here to have fun, but I also mean business.”

Where to Shop for Graphic Tees

The world of graphic tees can be a delightful journey, especially when you know where to look. Here’s a guide to the best spots to snag that perfect statement tee:

Local Boutiques – these often carry unique designs from local artists, giving you a chance to sport a tee that’s both stylish and supports local talent.

Online Stores – some websites offer a plethora of designs from independent artists worldwide, ensuring you find a graphic tee that resonates with your style.

Thrift Shops –  for those seeking vintage or one-of-a-kind graphic tees, thrift shops can be a treasure trove. Plus, it’s sustainable shopping!

Brand Retailers – some popular brands often release shirts in collaboration with artists or themed collections, blending quality with trendy designs.

Concerts and Events – merchandise stalls at concerts or special events often have exclusive graphic tees that not only look cool but also hold sentimental value.

Custom Print Shops – if you have a design in mind, or want a personalized touch, custom print shops allow you to bring your graphic tee vision to life.

If you want to shop for the best graphic tees with unique designs and affordable prices, contact us today!

Graphic tees hold a special place, blending individuality with comfort. As you embark on your shopping journey, remember that the best tees are those that resonate with your spirit. So, explore, experiment, and just be yourself.