It’s no secret that throwing a birthday party can be overwhelming. You want to be sure your kids have fun, that the other parents are enjoying themselves, that you have enough food, and that you have enough napkins for when that food inevitably ends up all over someone’s face. Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can help to keep your stress under control while managing kids’ party planning. Here are a few tips you can use to make throwing your child’s birthday party a little less stressful.

Keep the Guest List Simple

One of the easiest ways to keep everything under control when planning a kid’s birthday party is to simplify the guest list as much as possible. The bigger the party, the more complicated the children’s birthday party planning. However, while you’re limiting your guest list, be sure that you also leave enough room for a few extra people, too. Setting aside some extra party favors and cake will come in handy in case one of your child’s friends brings along a sibling or one of your family members who RSVP’d “no” can make it at the last minute.

Send Out Birthday Invitations at the Right Time

birthday Invitations

When you’re organizing a kid’s birthday party, you want to be sure to send out your child’s invitations at least three weeks prior to the party. In some cases, you can send out invitations up to six weeks in advance, but you don’t want to be too early. Sending invitations too soon can put your party on the back-burner for other parents, and sending invitations too late is a recipe for disaster. If you’re worried you won’t be able to get your child’s invitations out on time, send out an online invitation three weeks in advance and then the physical invitations two weeks in advance.

Set Up a Self-serve Snack Table

Serving drinks and snacks and making sure everyone has something to eat can take up a lot of your time as a host. To help cut down on that time while still making sure everyone is fed, set up a drink and snack table that’s easily accessible. It may also be a good idea to keep some snacks on a lower table so anyone at any height can reach the food and drinks, too. For kids, pre-pour cups of juice or use juice boxes so you don’t have to worry about any juice containers falling.

Gather a Team

Hosting can be a challenge when it’s just your partner and you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family or friends. When you have multiple hands on deck, you can get a lot more accomplished in a short amount of time. You can get even more accomplished if you ask for help during the children’s birthday party planning period instead of just during the party, too. Having one person be responsible for getting the food, the other for delivering the invitations, and another for getting decorations can make planning a child’s birthday party smooth and easy.

Buy in Bulk for Party Favors

Party favors can get expensive, especially when you’re trying to be more unique with your favors. If going simple with a small bag of candy isn’t in your wheelhouse, consider buying small items in bulk. Bulk items will be cheaper than buying items individually such as small stuffed animals or water bottles.

Give Your Kids the Spotlight

You want to be sure that you know where your child is during their birthday party so you can corral everyone for games, cake, food, and presents when necessary. Custom birthday t-shirts are a great way to give your child the spotlight while also making them easy to spot in the crowd of kids. What’s more, custom birthday t-shirts can make your child feel extra special without making them too shy if they’re not a fan of the limelight. According to a study, people often feel more loved on their birthdays, and a custom birthday tee can make them feel even more cared for.

Toria and her family with their Sesame Street custom birthday t-shirts
Toria and her family with their Sesame Street custom birthday t-shirts

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