You know the perfect couple who’s celebrating moving in, getting married, or an anniversary. Perhaps you’d like to surprise them for another special occasion, but you still need the perfect present. Check out the list below and find cool, funny, and unusual gift ideas for couples. Here are the suggestions to inspire you to find the ideal present!

Which Is the Best Unusual Gift for Couples?

The best gift set for couples is the one that fits their characters and interests. But even if you don’t know their preferences, the following suggestions will help!

  • Can’t Go Wrong with Food

Everyone’s a food fanatic – the only difference is what we love to consume. Pizzas are suitable for everyone, ranging from healthy diet fanatics to those who don’t mind putting any ingredients they could find on a pizza. A pizza stone will allow the couple to make their favorite food at home.

Alternatively, gourmet baskets are also unique gifts for couples. You can fill them with candies, cookies, and other food they love. Another option is to get a beverage-inspired gift. From a coffee maker to a wine decanter, you’ll love the available options.

  • Custom Couple T-shirts

You won’t find more unique gifts for couples than personalized items. And t-shirts are something that everyone needs, so consider custom couple tees.

It’s easy to order a custom funny t-shirt online, and the entire process won’t take more than minutes. Top-quality creators offer a wide range of available designs but also help create original ones. They use superb materials to ensure the tees are soft, comfortable, and durable.

  • Custom Star Map

A star map print is ideal for any opportunity, and it certainly falls into the category of cool gifts for couples. Many creators offer a customizable chart where you pick the design, style, and option. And don’t worry because the star map will be accurate and full of details. It’ll be the perfect decoration for any room.

camping couple
  • Camping Set

Apart from being among unusual gift ideas for couples, this present is only for specific individuals. If the couple enjoys hiking or camping, get them a set to use while outside. Some collections include a tent with additional items. If you don’t want to spend too much, go with insulated tumblers or other cool gadgets.

  • Custom Portrait

A framed photo is an ordinary gift, so how about using a different approach? If you are artistic, draw the couple yourself. But if you don’t have those talents, get someone to draw them. If you want funny gifts for couples, ask them to do a cartoon version of both in a sketchy or quirky situation.

  • His and Her Watch Set

If you insist on matching items, consider a watch set for the couple. Your goal is a unisex design, so both will enjoy wearing the accessory. Manufacturers offer many classy watches suitable for formal occasions but also great to wear every day. If the people you are buying the present for are tech-oriented, consider smartwatches instead of regular accessories.

  • Warm and Cozy Couple Gift

Couples love cuddling and snuggling up together while watching TV, so consider a blanket as your present. You need it to offer enough room for two and don’t forget to add an original touch. Go with a personalized design or writing on the blanket, or pick an unusual pattern. And don’t forget the importance of top-quality material and easy maintenance.

  • Movie Night in Gift Box
movie night couple

Most couples enjoy staying home and watching movie marathons. Unusual gift ideas for couples who love that activity include movie night sets. The items inside from a popcorn bowl to a mini popcorn maker, chocolate bars, and even details for a Netflix, Disney+, or another streaming service account.

Which Is the Best Unique Gift for a New Couple?

Your friend found a partner and started a relationship. You want to show your support and hope they succeed, or there’s another reason why you need a gift. It’s difficult to pick couples’ presents, so it’s best to keep things simple.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Matching clothes. Valentine’s T-shirts are a great gift for this holiday, and you can get tees for almost any occasion.
  • Jigsaw puzzles. Depending on their preferences, consider board games or other joint activities.
  • Picnic backpacks. If they are outdoor enthusiasts, these great gifts for couples will ensure they spend memorable afternoons in natural settings.

What Is the Best Funny Gift for Married Couples?

The best funny gifts for couples who are married include personalized T-shirts. These gifts will ensure the couple shares a laugh each time they wear the tees. And if you get top-quality T-shirts, they’ll appreciate the softness and comfort of these clothing items. Alternatively, you could consider funny hats, coffee cups, etc.

What to Get a Couple Who Moved in Together?

You can’t go wrong with a decoration, such as a candle, plant, or an unusual artwork piece. Also, consider presents they could use around the house. A nice set of mugs is always welcome, and there are coffee makers, cooking processors, and similar small kitchen appliances.