If you’re planning a big graduation party, you can’t forget about the favors! At the end of the night, guests will be happy to head home with a little gift or memento of the special occasion, and there are lots of great gift ideas to consider as graduation party favors, from graphic t-shirts to sweet treats. Read on for lots of great gift ideas.

Graduation Party Favors Everyone Will Love

Let’s take a look at 11 graduation favors you might like to include as part of your next big graduation party. These ideas are budget-friendly, easy to make and prepare, and sure to please every single one of your guests.

Custom Graphic Graduation T-Shirts

Senior Snicker Class of 2022 Graduation T-Shirt - Cuztom Threadz
Senior Trasher Style Graduation Shirt - Cuztom Threadz

Some of the best graduation party favors you can prepare are customized graduation T-shirts, decorated in a fun way and labeled with the key names and dates of those involved. Your guests will be able to keep these personalized graduation party favors for years and look back on them in the future to remind themselves of what they achieved.

Champagne Flute Graduation Favors

Looking for some simple graduation party favors for guests? How about preparing your own little champagne flutes, stuffed full of candy and sweet treats? Guests will be only too happy to have these little gifts, and they’re really quick and easy to make. You can fill them with anything, from Smarties to Skittles, and decorate them with colorful paper or glitter.

Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are another popular example of unique graduation party favors that are affordable, fun to prepare, and easily customizable to suit your needs. You can buy little favor boxes from your local craft store and then decorate them to look like graduation caps, adding labels or stickers to celebrate the year of graduation. Then, fill the box with some goodies, like candy or cookies.

Candy Diploma

Another super sweet treat for your graduating guests is a candy diploma. To make a candy diploma, just buy some packets of candy, like Mentos, or something similar. Next, wrap the paper around the outside of the candy to cover the label, and then make a mini graduation cap to stick on the end. In no time at all, you can make your own mini diplomas with sweetness inside.

Graduation Gum Party Favors

Here’s another sweet idea for your graduation favors, and all you’ll need are some plastic tubes, gumballs, and a few craft supplies. First, fill the tubes with gumballs of your choice, and then top off the tubes with mini graduation caps, which you can easily make with the aid of black kraft paper. Play around with different gumball colors to match your party’s theme, or choose the official colors of the school.

Graduation Confetti Cones

Confetti can be messy, but it’s also a lot of fun, and it’s a great thing to include with your graduation party favors to add some life and decoration to the party. Just roll up some cones of paper, decorated with phrases or stickers to congratulate the graduates, and then pour in some confetti that people can throw into the air at the end of the party.

Black & Gold Printable Tags

Sometimes, all you need to make a gift stand out is a nice tag. No matter what kind of graduation party favors you’re choosing to hand out, you can make them extra classy by attaching some simple, homemade tags with a black base and gold foil decorative elements. You can print your own messages onto each tag, too, in order to give them a personal, customized touch.

Rice Krispies Treats Shaped Like Graduation Caps

Rice Krispies are always fun to eat, and you’re sure to impress your guests with this fun gift idea. All you have to do is mix Rice Krispies with melted chocolate and then pour them into a mold shaped like a graduation cap until they set. You can add some licorice lace to the top of each cap as decoration. The only problem with these little treats is that they look almost too good to eat!

Make Mini-Planter Party Favors

Looking for some awesome backyard graduation party ideas?  How about making your own mini planters? This is surprisingly easy to do. Just get some little plant pots and an assortment of simple succulents. Plant the succulents into the pots and sprinkle some colorful rocks on the top to make each pot pop. You might like to use rocks in the official colors of the school to keep these gifts on the theme.

Graduation Year CD

It might seem a little old-school nowadays, in this age of digital media and streaming music, but a classic CD could be a really great way to honor a graduating class and give them a gift that they can look back on for years to come. You can fill the CD with whatever you want. It could include all the top hits from the graduating year, for example, or it might have some music made by the school band.

Dress Up Your Party Beverages

Here’s another budget-friendly idea for graduation party favors – simply dress up your party beverages in a unique and fun way. For example, if you’re serving some bottled water at the party, you can remove the original labels and attach your own custom-printed labels with messages to the class and little graduation-related images. You could even replace the bottle caps or decorate them with small caps and gowns.