Valentine’s day is not only for couples but for everyone. After all, who doesn’t want to celebrate the season of love? However, one of the challenges during this part of the year is generating fun Valentine’s day party ideas, especially for adult guests. After all, Valentine’s day isn’t exactly a holiday, which means there are only a few hours for the party, and you have to make the most out of it.

This post is meant to guide you on hosting Valentine’s get-together without troubling yourself too much. Here you can learn simple Valentine’s day party ideas to make the party enjoyable and memorable.

1.  Plan a Fun Party Game

Playing games at parties will make everyone engaged and have fun. If you are planning Valentine’s game, you can do so with just a few objects which you can easily buy at the store or are just lying in your home. The best games, however, have a simple mechanic and can easily be performed by just about everyone.

Challenges with a romantic twist, such as Rings Around the Roses or Love Goes Round, will surely get the party going. It’s not only fun for the spectators, but even those playing the game will surely enjoy it if they win fantastic prizes.

2.  Get the Drinks Ready

No party is complete without a bit of drinking. Ask the attendees what type of beverages they prefer so that you can buy and put them on the fridge hours before they arrive. You must also ask if they are bringing children so that you can prepare non-alcoholic drinks.

While soda and canned beer are the default drinks for most impromptu parties, you can buy wine and other alcoholic drinks. You can even try popular mixes that will give your guest more options. You can also search the Internet for other Valentine’s day party food ideas.

3. Valentine’s Dinner Party

Preparing sumptuous food is a must for any celebration. People quickly bond with food, which is also a highlight of a dinner party. If you need more time to prepare food for your guests, you can take the party to one of your favorite restaurants in your neighborhood. 

Furthermore, you can also try out simple but delicious recipes that don’t require too much preparation time. A simple steak, mashed potatoes, or spaghetti carbonara takes less than an hour to cook but is sure to fill anyone’s appetite.

4. Valentine’s Movie-thon

If you are looking for an affordable way to celebrate Valentine’s day with your best friends or family, watching a movie is at the top of the list. Whether you watch it in a cinema or on your widescreen TV, get popcorn and soda for everyone.

Since it’s Valentine’s day, why not watch a romantic movie? Some of the most famous Valentine’s movies of all time include “The Notebook,” “When Harry Met Sally,” and “Pride and Prejudice.” Also, prepare some tissues for people who quickly get teary-eyed when watching these kinds of films. You can also ask your friends and colleagues for other Valentine’s day party ideas for adults.

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5.  Karaoke Party

Let your guests sing at the top of their lungs when you host a karaoke party. The best part of this kind of party is you can buy only a few things. You can rent a karaoke machine or head to a nearby karaoke bar.

Since singing can be a bit tiring to the throat, ensure you have extra refreshments for everyone. If you get a karaoke machine that shows a score at the song’s end, you can even turn it into a game and see who gets the highest points.

6.  Set Up a DIY Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is easy and will make the event more memorable. Now that every smartphone has a capable camera, there is no excuse not to set up a do-it-yourself photo booth. Add simple accessories such as heart balloons or roses if you want to spice things up.

You can also design a simple tarp or a backdrop and have a local printing company print it as part of your Valentine’s day aesthetic. If you have an instant camera, that will be awesome since anyone who took a photo in the booth can instantly get the photo in seconds.

7.  Come Dressed in the Theme

Costumes and themes can make Valentine’s day parties more dynamic and fun. You can wear various costumes, such as a cupid, a heart, or even a box of chocolates. To make things more interesting, you can decorate your place with heart cut-outs or have everyone wear red cool graphic t-shirts.

If the party is going to be attended by pairs of lovers, convince them to wear a couple’s shirt with a witty print. Additionally, you can buy affordable accessories everyone can wear, such as heart-shaped headbands and heart-shaped sunglasses as part of your Valentine’s day themes. Check out these awesome gift ideas for couples by Customthreadz.

8.  Spa Party

There’s nothing fancier than a spa party on Valentine’s day. After all, it’s a great way to pamper yourself and everyone in attendance. You can even hire someone to perform some treatments or do one another.

Make sure to prepare robes and beauty products during the party. Finally, remember to take group photos so that everyone has something to remember about the event.

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9. Valentine’s Bake-off

Valentine’s day is one of the best times of the year to consume chocolates and other sweet treats. So, why not have a competition among your friends who loves to bake? You can even have some of the guests be judges who will determine the winner.

There’s a vast selection of Valentine’s day party food ideas they can bake from cookies, cakes, or cookies. Make sure you get all of the ingredients before the start of the party and that you have enough room in your oven for every participant.

10. Wine and Chocolate Party

Some awesome Valentine’s day party ideas include using wine and chocolates to match the food that will be shared at the party. You can ask some attendees to bring wine and have a sort of wine tasting during the celebration.

You can do the same thing with chocolates. Everyone can bring chocolate and share them with everyone in attendance. Better yet, why not make your chocolate fountain where they can dip pretzels, cookies, and other pastries after the bake-off?

11. Smash a Heart Piñata

If you are doing the party in a spacious place, why not buy a heart piñata and fill it with candies and snacks? Expecting someone to break a piñata is a great way to entertain all guests. Furthermore, who doesn’t want something sweet on Valentine’s day?

For this Valentine’s party idea to work, you must have a branch or beam to hang the piñata. Moreover, it would help if you had a blindfold and a stick or club. Make sure there’s plenty of space between the person hitting it and the crowd so that no one gets hurt.

12. Secret Cupid Gift Swap

Our Valentine’s day party ideas list is complete with a secret cupid gift exchange. The mechanics of this activity is similar to that of a Secret Santa. You all get to draw a name and give them a gift before and during Valentine’s day. Here are some gift exchange theme ideas you can give your secret cupid.

It’s also an excellent incentive for the attendees not to miss the party. You can also set a theme for the gifts to make them more exciting. Check out our website for more ideas on what to bring to Valentine’s day party. You can also find Funny Valentine’s t-shirts at Customthreadz.

We hope this article has given you plenty of Valentine’s day party ideas. You can also find Valentine’s party decorations ideas on our website.